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Do it Again

29 May

My kids have a new favorite song.  Nothing new for them to pick another song to sing ALL THE TIME.  I like this one though.  I’ve put the lyrics after the video so you can read them.  It has such powerful words.  I was thinking about how it applies to every area of our lives, but specifically how it can apply to my (and your) marriage.

The chorus is such a good thing to speak over our marriages, “Do it again, Everything we’ve seen and more.  Do it again, Lord we believe for more, do it again.”  It really made me think. I’m happy with my marriage, I know I can’t get complacent, but do I really believe for more?  We have seen so much in our marriage, and God has seen us through so much, but sometimes I don’t really believe or expect more.

Maybe your marriage is in a rocky place, maybe you need to rest in the lyrics of the verse, “You can do all things, Restore what is broken” Remember God wants the very best for you and your spouse in your marriage.


You can do all things
Heal every sickness, free every captive
You can do all things
Restore what is broken, blind eyes You open

The Mountains melt like wax before You God
So Let all the earth rejoice in who You are

Do it again, Do it again, Everything weʼve seen and more
Do it again, Do it again, Lord we believe for more, Do it again

Do it again, Do it again Jesus, Whoa

Please know that I am praying for you and your marriage.  I am praying for you to believe for and expect God to do amazing things in your marriages and that He can do it again.

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