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Daddy’s Princess

17 May

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Recently, Corbynn has been enamored with brides.  They are princesses and she loves to look at their dresses and talk about how pretty they are.   She asks me things like, “When do I get to where a princess dress?” She loves to look at our wedding pictures and the pictures we have from our friends wedding with her and the bride and groom.  She desires to be a princess, and what it entails to her is putting on a pretty dress and walking down an aisle to marry a man.  This has got me thinking about the way I portray marriage to her, I want her to know it won’t be easy, but more than that I want her to know it’s worth it.  I love knowing I’m Gerad’s princess, and that one day I did get to put my princess dress on and walk down the aisle to him.

What about when Corbynn asks me a simple question about “when she grows up?” which happens to be her favorite phrase at the moment?  I have a choice to make in answering her, I can either impress on her heart that God created her to be a wife and mom, and to serve her husband and her family or I can just answer her question with, “We’ll have to see what happens.”  I have to remember that the words I speak to her about her future and her future marriage are very important.  They will shape how she views marriage and how she should treat her spouse.

Moms and Grandmas, I challenge you to look at how you portray marriage to the little ones in your care this week.  Remember the little things do matter!

Do you find this an area you struggle with?  If so, why? If not, how do you succeed?

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