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Vacation = Lessons Learned

4 Jul

We’ve been home for almost a week now from our vacation.  Here’s a picture, just to let you know how beautiful it was.

It was amazing, especially after I realized it wasn’t going to be like the vacations we used to have, sans kids, or the ones we had when we only had 1 kid.  They ruled our schedule, not because we let them run our life, but because, well, they are 5, 3, and 10 months old.  There is only so much sitting in the car, looking at lighthouses and stopping at lookout places to see the “amazing view” from the car.  (They usually can’t see it, even in their seats they can’t see over the hill and out to the ocean…) 

After the first few disappointing non-touristy days, we decided they just wanted to play at the beach.  So that’s what we did.  Vacation was fun, but … it didn’t feel like vacation to me.  It felt like every day I have at home normally, except I was in someone else’s house without all of my kids’ toys to entertain them. 

It felt a lot like this …

I had to make the best of our circumstances and not rely on a faulty view of what I thought vacation was going to entail.

One of the things that really helped with vacation was to make sure Gerad and I were having fun together so we could stay connected.  (It got pretty tricky cause our youngest was going to bed at 10:30, waking up once to eat in the middle of the night and then decided upon a new wake up time of 5:30.  I am in NO way a morning person!)  We did things like play frisbee on the beach (just the two of us), go on bike rides (as a family, but still fun) and let the kids stay up late to watch the sunset together (while they ran around the beach).

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love my kids and being a mom and will cherish the memories we made forever, but it reminded me,

Gerad and I need time alone, just us!

It might be a date night (which when we got home from vacation was a long, distant memory), or maybe it’s a weekend away.  I’m a much better wife and mom when I don’t put all of my attention on my kids.  Take time for your spouse!  Even if you can’t get away on a date night and need to have a date at home once the kiddos are in bed, even better if they are older and you can tell them to stay in their rooms for a while :)  We have been blessed to get a night away this month and I’m really considering counting down the days until we get to leave!

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