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Saturday Round Up – Entertainment Choices

7 Jul

So today I choose to leave you with a few posts (and a few of my thoughts) about our choices in entertainment …

We have to be so careful of our choices in entertainment about what we are watching AND how much of our lives it is taking up.  I love to watch cooking shows, any of them (all of them), and there is this one show which I know isn’t the best show to watch, bad language abounds as well blatant disregard for authority.  The newest season of it started and I’ve watched a few episodes, I’m not enjoying it as much as before (probably because my conscience has been pricked) and I currently have 8 episodes on the DVR, I don’t have time to watch the show, I know it’s best for me to just delete it, and yet I don’t.  I think as soon as I finish this post that will be the first thing I do, it sure is nice having all of you to keep me accountable!  Please be careful about your choices in entertainment, they can put a small crack in the walls of your marriage (even if it’s taking to much time) and it’s not worth it. Remember to fight for your marriages, in every choice you make!

Here’s your links for the week

Dusty wrote another post about that book, but with the addition of that movie: It’s Not Only Entertainment

Elizabeth wrote a great post, it caused me to think a lot (probably why I came to some of the decisions I did): When Did Discretion Go Out Of Style?

Enjoy and have a great weekend!

Saturday Round Up

26 May

Here’s some great posts from the week … Enjoy

The Romantic Vineyard5 Right and Wrong Reasons to Want a Healthy Marriage
hint: it’s not all about you

Warrior WivesTake Your Marital Pulse
Good advice to check in on your marriage every so often (much more often than we think)

Mission HusbandPorn:It’s ruining your marriage
A great post by Gerad, share it with the men in your life and read it to understand guys just a little more.

Hot, Holy and HumorousCell Phones During Sex
Get ready for a good laugh!  J is very funny and always a good read!


Have a great weekend!  Enjoy your family and remember our military on Memorial Day.

Saturday Round Up

19 May

I’ve decided to share some posts each Saturday with links to the great blog posts from the week that I read and want to share with you. Here’s the line up for this week.  Enjoy!

One Flesh Marriage
Here’s a great post from Kate to wives called Defeating Delayed Desire.  Kate and her husband Brad blog on this site and it’s the first marriage blog I started following.  They recently did a series on sex during and after pregnancy, definitely a must read for couples in that situation (I wish we would have had it to reference before kids).

To Love, Honor and Vacuum
This is a must read post!  It’s called Supporting Friends’ Marriage and it is one of those you should probably book mark so you can find it when you need it. JUST READ IT!  Sheila is funny, witty and straight to the point, I love reading her blog for these reasons.

Warrior Wives
I just found this blog recently, she too is a new blogger.  I loved this post called Adequate Nourishment For His Ego.  This is definitely not my strong suit, but Gerad’s love language is words of affirmation, so I am trying each day.

The Generous Husband
This one is written by a husband, but it is so worth the read for us women too, it’s called A Disturbing Trend in Female Sexual Preferences. It tackles the subject of “Mommy Porn” and at the bottom of the post it links to other articles on the same subject, by many of the authors I linked above.

Hope you had a good time reading these posts, let me know what you thought of them!

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