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Why doesn’t he change?

12 Jul

Sometimes we as wives have a list in our head of things we wish our husband would do differently; the things we wish he would change, things we wish he did our way.  I wish Gerad did the laundry MY WAY!

Sometimes it’s a much more difficult topic.  Maybe, you wish your husband would lead your family, you wish he put you first more often, you wish he would spend more time at home or you wish he disciplined the kids when he was home.  The problem is once we notice the problem we start trying to fix him, we start nagging trying to get the desired result.  We are never going to get the desired result by nagging and trying ourselves (ok, you may, but it’s probably not going to be genuine change, it’ll be so he can live in peace and quiet from your nagging).

The only way I know how to get any results is to wait on God.  He is the one who will change your spouse’s heart about your family.  From my experience, any time I wait on God to work on Gerad because I “need” this action from him, He always ends up changing me first.

If you want to see a change in your husband, wait on God, knowing that He may change you first!

I wrote this post along with a group of Christian ladies, working on our blogging.  All of us wrote posts about Waiting on God.  Here’s the links to all of their posts.

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