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Happy Father’s Day

17 Jun

Happy Father’s Day to all of you dads out there.

Thank you especially to my dad, who taught me to be fair, kind and loving; who always reminds me of God’s plan even when I don’t see it myself.  I love you.
Thank you to Wayne for raising such a great man.  I am so grateful for the lessons you taught him and for molding him into the man I was so lucky to marry.
Also, thank you to Gerad, the father of our children.  I am so glad they have you to teach them and guide their little souls.  You do such a good job knowing just how to mold them into the little people God wants them to be and how to get to the heart of what they are saying.
So, Dad, Wayne and Gerad, thank you for leaving a Godly legacy for our family!

Enjoy this video from the skit guys and have a good day with your dad.  Touch base with your dad today.  Let him know you love him and appreciate him.

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