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Why mission:wife?

10 May

Gerad and I got married on a not so “picture perfect” day in 2005.  It poured.  Our beautiful, outdoor, in front of a gorgeous pond, wedding was quickly moved inside to a small living room in the house my parents had rented for the weekend.  1st Disappointment …

We left the reception and went to a nearby cabin, I baked a frozen pizza for dinner.  Having never baked a frozen pizza before (I know, I know) I left the cardboard under the pizza and caused the fire detector to go off.  2nd Disappointment …

We rented some movies to watch on our honeymoon and I picked a really girly one about dancing.  I fell asleep, maybe 20 minutes in, laying on Gerad’s lap.  He couldn’t get up to stop the movie and didn’t want to wake me up, so he watched the ENTIRE thing, and then woke me up.   3rd Disappointment … (sweet, but definitely disappointing for him)

Another night on our honeymoon we decided to BBQ steaks, Gerad is great at BBQ’ing, with propane; the cabin had a charcoal grill, but our expectations were still high.  In our inexperience of charcoal we started the coals, waited a while for them to be hot and got frustrated, they were no where near hot.  We decided to pan fry the steak and after dinner, when the dishes were done the coals were finally hot.  We never got our perfectly grilled steak.  4th Disappointment …

On our honeymoon we learned a lot, neither of us is perfect and this marriage thing is going to be a lot harder than we thought.  We knew it was going to be work, but we didn’t know how much.  We knew we had to do something to combat the disappointment and challenges we were going to face.  We decided we needed to be pupils of each other and read as much as possible to be the best spouses we can.

My mission, is to be the best wife I can be to Gerad and my goal is to encourage you on your journey to be the best wife to your husband.
I’m sure your husband would enjoy Gerad’s blog mission:husband also. (or you might like reading it to get a guy’s point of view, just don’t tell Gerad I sent you ;) )

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