Saturday Round Up

11 Aug

Here’s your links for the week.  Have fun reading!

One Flesh Marriage
He Works Hard for the Money – What’s our attitude when our husbands get home?  How are we encouraging them?

Hot, Holy and Humorous
Forget the Hedge, Erect a Wall – You may find this on lots of sites this weekend, it is a GREAT post!  Protect your marriage!

Warrior Wives
Lie #1: God Wants me to be Happy – Elizabeth is doing a series on the lies of marriage in our culture.  I am so excited about this series and the discussion that is going on at her blog.  She’s going to discuss some very believed lies in our culture and combat them with the Word of God.  Can’t wait!

Last one, not about marriage, its for all you moms of little ones out there, I read it this week and can’t resist sharing it!

I Can Teach my Child
Will You? – All about the Mommy War and the one question we should really be asking each other!  I hope it encourages you like it did me.

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