Saturday Round-Up

28 Jul

Only 2 posts today.  They are really good ones!

On Mondays, the Alabaster Jar has a link up called, Marital Oneness.  This week she talked about Staying Engaged to the One You are Married to.  Sometimes it’s easy to put our marriage on cruise control and forget it takes work on our part.  Stay a while and check out some of the other great marriage bloggers that linked up to her post.

Second, mission:husband put a new post up this morning, it’s written to his viewers, but not specifically husbands.  As I was reading it, before he hit ‘publish’, I was wishing I had written the post!  Marriage Myths Debunked

I’ll have a new post up soon, hopefully tomorrow, or Monday.  Remember when I told you I was counting down to our getaway.  It was this week, and I am so blessed that I was able to have 2 whole days kids free with my hubby only.  I came home refreshed and ready to stay connected to Gerad.  I’ll write more about that later ….  Have a great weekend!

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